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Woodford Reserve Distillers Select Straight Rye

This bottle was labelled #3031 from Batch 0887 and bottled at 45.2% ABV.  The nose was very nice, herbal tea with mint and sweet vanilla notes.  The mouthfeel is fresh, light and oily, bittersweet on palate with more vanilla, candy, black coffee and dark chocolate.  The finish has peppermint, wood and grassy rye notes.  With water it gets sweeter, even honeyed, while heat builds in the finish with chilli spiced dark chocolate.  Overall very delicious; a light and subtle of straight rye.

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  • Monday, 29 April 2019 03:29

    Out of the Whisky Wilderness

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    I am very happy to announce that I will returning to Houston Texas this summer after almost 4 years working overseas.   Most of that time has been spent in Dubai which has not been a great place to blog about whisky but once I am back in Texas I hope to refresh the website (which is well overdue) and promise to try and post more regular blogs and whisky reviews that everyone out there can then just ignore much more frequently.  In summary, everything will be just like it was before....

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    Ardbeg Supanova

    I mentioned in my review of the Ardbeg distillery, I like the fact they allow you to taste premium expressions after the tour and as a result of trying Supanova in 2010 I did buy a bottle.  I doubt I would have done so without trying it first.  The nose was, of course, hello peat!  But what I love about Ardbeg is that it is possible get past the peat and find seaweed, yeast and some alcohol (it is bottled at 60% ABV).  The taste has alcohol as well, caramel and vanilla and the finish is dry and has both salt and pepper as well as peat.  The salt pepper and smoke reminded me of salt and pepper spare rib dish I used to order in a chinese restaraunt.  Interesting contrast between the sweet caramel and salty finish.  Another good Ardbeg expression.