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Red River

This is a Texas bourbon finished in Pinot Noir red wine casks at the Western Son distillery in Pilot Point Texas.  If you haven't heard of Pilot Point, dont worry about it,  neither had I and I have lived and / or worked in Texas for over quarter of a century!  The nose has some red berry fruits and sweet port wine along with the usual suspects of corn and sawdust.  The taste is smooth on palate with some oak, brown sugar and cola.  The finish has white pepper, green oak and ends with drying wine notes.  It's good... but for me this 42.1% ABV expression misses the fruit from the nose in the taste and finish that would help balance out the bitter / oaky notes of the finish.

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  • Monday, 03 July 2017 12:48

    Manhattan Project: Experiment #33

    Written by

    Location: Quinto la Huella, EAST Hotel, Miami, USA

    Date: June 2017

    Price: $19.05 (Listed at $15.00 then came tax, service charge etc)

    Recipe: Did not see but they asked which Bourbon.... I chose Makers Mark

    Garnish: Maraschino cherry

    Served: Up

    Comments: Did not stand out for such an expensive version.  Maybe not the best choice of bourbon for a Manhattan (no rye content).

    What is this about? Check out  http://www.somanywhiskies.com/item/749-the-manhattan-project-ii

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    Cardhu 12 year old

    This was actually the first distillery we visited when we moved to Scotland in 2009, however they could not take us on a tour for over an hour so we went to Glenfiddich instead and the rest is history.  I never went back to Cardhu and it has taken a long time to actually get round to tasting this expression so I was very happy to find it in my mini bar during a recent business trip to Spain.  I was even happier when I drank it, and yet happier still when the next morning another botttle appeared in my mini bar like a gift from the tooth fairy.  Apparently it is a very popular Scotch in Spain.  The nose is honey sweet, malty grains, lemon and some oak.  The taste is quite smooth, not hot, but a little oaky.  Behind the oak is some more lemon and herbal, even piney, note.  The oak also carries into the finish along with some honey.  With water the taste gets a little sweeter and I also found a nice chocolate note and the finish gets a little peppery and the wood turns smokey (not peat... just woodsmoke) .  Because of the wood and pepper I think this one stands up well to water (and I suspect ice) and perhaps that is reason for its popularity in the hotter Spainish climate where I guess locals drinks with water and ice?