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Dalmore Regalis

The nose has vanilla, spices and cherrywood (or at least what I imagine cherry wood would smell like which is basically cherries and wood).  The taste is nutty, with tobacco, raspberry, caramel and milk chocolate.  The finish is woody, spicy with some cigar smoke.  With water it gets sweeter with ripe banana, more caramel and more tobacco in finish.  Overall a very nice, 40% ABV, sherry finished travel retail expression from Dalmore.

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  • Monday, 24 April 2017 12:21

    Manhattan Project: Experiment #31

    Written by

    Location: Skyview, La Cigale Hotel, Doha, Qatar

    Date: April 2017

    Price: 65 QAR ($17.85 USD)

    Recipe: Np recipe

    Garnish: None

    Served: Rocks

    Comments: Not bad. Well balanced with the biiters coming through to balance out the sweetness.

    What is this about? Check out  http://www.somanywhiskies.com/item/749-the-manhattan-project-ii

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    Highland Park 40 year old

    The most expensive whisky in the book 101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die at over $1200.  Thanks to www.masterofmalt.com I could buy a 3 ml sample of this (still cost over $60) and I did so for my birthday treat.  And it was a treat... utterly fantastic and dare I say it, worth every penny.  The nose is fruity and oily, like citrus fruit peel rather than the juice, some peat and also some lovely seaside, seaweed, salty, martime notes.  There was even a little pepper in the nose.   The taste was ridiculously smooth with a very soft mouthfeel. Rich with sweet toffee, dried fuits, oranges, cinnamon and cake.  Not at all woody for 40 years in a cask, the finish was lovely and smokey.  There is also some sherry influence which I always love with smokey whiskies (see Bowmore Darkest, Laphroaig Triple Wood).  With water there are some chocolate notes in the nose and the oak and spice in the finish are more evident.  It seemed like I got something different every sip and it seemed to evolve and open up with time as well.  However as it was just sample it was gone all too soon and definately left me wanting more.   Great stuff.