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Red River

This is a Texas bourbon finished in Pinot Noir red wine casks at the Western Son distillery in Pilot Point Texas.  If you haven't heard of Pilot Point, dont worry about it,  neither had I and I have lived and / or worked in Texas for over quarter of a century!  The nose has some red berry fruits and sweet port wine along with the usual suspects of corn and sawdust.  The taste is smooth on palate with some oak, brown sugar and cola.  The finish has white pepper, green oak and ends with drying wine notes.  It's good... but for me this 42.1% ABV expression misses the fruit from the nose in the taste and finish that would help balance out the bitter / oaky notes of the finish.

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  • Sunday, 12 June 2016 09:58

    Manhattan Project: Experiment #19

    Written by

    Location: Hilton Americas Lobby Bar, Houston, Texas

    Date: June 2016

    Price: $ 15 ($20.40 SGD)

    Recipe: Bulliet Rye based

    Garnish: Black Cherry

    Served: Rocks

    Comments: Nice rye forward and not too sweet.  Also gave me choice of bourbon or rye...

    What is this about? Check out  http://www.somanywhiskies.com/item/749-the-manhattan-project-ii

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    Rebel Yell

    A very interesting wheated bourbon that is included in 101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die.   The nose has vanilla and coffee (vanilla latte?) and some sawdust.  The taste is very nice, sweet and quite rich and full for "value" bourbon at 40% ABV.  There are some wheaty flavors (bread, biscuits) as well as familiar toasted oak, caramel and spice.  It takes a little to open up but it's worth the wait.  Nicely integrated, it is quite hard to pull out individual flavors.  The spice lingers through the finish along with sweet and tart notes that keep everything nicely in balance.  If you like Makers Mark you might want to try this (and save a few bucks at same time).   I have paid a lot more for a lot worse, so as Billy Idol said in the song of the same name.... "With a rebel yell, she cried more, more, more."