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Woodford Reserve Distillers Select Straight Rye

This bottle was labelled #3031 from Batch 0887 and bottled at 45.2% ABV.  The nose was very nice, herbal tea with mint and sweet vanilla notes.  The mouthfeel is fresh, light and oily, bittersweet on palate with more vanilla, candy, black coffee and dark chocolate.  The finish has peppermint, wood and grassy rye notes.  With water it gets sweeter, even honeyed, while heat builds in the finish with chilli spiced dark chocolate.  Overall very delicious; a light and subtle of straight rye.

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  • Tuesday, 26 April 2016 16:55

    Manhattan Project: Experiment #13

    Written by

    Location: Oak Room, Fairmont Palliser, Calgary, Canada

    Date: April 2016

    Price: $ 18 CAD ($14.19 USD)

    Recipe: Carprano Antica Vermouth, Knob Creek, Angostura Bitters

    Garnish: Black cherry

    Served: Up

    Comments: Nice and sweet with Bourbon but still balanced due to heavy dash of bitters.

    What is this about? Check out  http://www.somanywhiskies.com/item/749-the-manhattan-project-ii

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    Grant's 25 year old

    A very hard to find premium blend, but worth the search. These notes were based on a small(ish) pour at WhiskyLive London 2013 but it was very impressive. It was perhaps my highlight of the show (along with new make Glenlivet) and another whisky off my list of 101 World Whiskies to Try Before You Die. The nose was rich, spicy and chocolaty. Reminded me a little of hot cocoa, which was perfect for the snowy day that I tried it. The taste is sweet, with more chocolate, vanilla and spice. Very integrated and yet I really got the lighter, sweeter grain whisky notes in this blend. The finish is long and has some mint (perfect with the cocoa notes). A true blend of grain and malt, the grain has equal billing in this expression, it is not just filler to make up volume or playing second fiddle to the malts.