My Handcrafted Opinions on Whiskies, Distilleries and Other Related Stuff


Simply put, the world really desperately needed another whisky website.

Actually no it didn’t, there are a lot already. I mean a lot. And magazines and books and live shows and podcasts. However I did need a hobby, and a good excuse to buy and drink a lot of whisky. I am not qualified in any way to write about world of whisky, I just know enough to know I don’t know very much. My typing, grammar and spelling are so poor I am often a little embarrassed to tell people about my site and my most of the feedback I get includes the word “tpyo”. Did you see what I did there? Tpyo. That is the kind of “joke” I think is funny, so you have been warned.

The blog and reviews are intended to be a light hearted and broad based exploration of whisky, not “serious writing”, there is enough of that already. I do hope to get better as I go along and I want to be an inclusive as possible, exploring all types of whisky, even those spelt with an “e”, from all parts of the world. Grain, malt, blends, bourbon, rye, pot still, Scotch, Irish, Japanese, American or Canadian, I can’t wait to taste them all. This site documents my journey into the world of whiskies (and if I get lost perhaps I can use it to find my way home again).

One thing to note however is that I won’t be spending much time (or money) on high end, hard to find, limited edition whisky. That to me feels like the minutia of whisky. I am interested in the big picture, not the brush strokes.

There are so many whiskies to try and so little time…

I was born in England and went to work in oil and gas industry almost 30 years ago.  I have lived in the UK, USA, Africa, Singapore and Dubai and am now back in Houston, Texas. I always enjoyed whisky but my passion really began after living in Aberdeen in 2009 and discovering and exploring distilleries, originally in nearby Speyside, eventually travelling all over the United Kingdom and Ireland in search of the water of life. I describe my whisky tasting skills as “not terrible” on a good day.

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